2016 Student ADDY Categories

Locate the proper category for your Student ADDY entry for the 2016 ADDY’s from the selections below.   Note that many categories have been changed and you should take extra care in selecting your categories this year.

sales and marketing

sales promotion

S01 - Product or Service Sales Promotion

Printed promotional materials for products and services whose distribution comes from means other than traditional mass media

 S01A Packaging

All product packaging, including CD and DVD

S01B Point of Purchase

Promotional advertising or display unit that attends the product or service at the specific sale location


collateral material

S02 - Stationery Package

Stationery entries in this category may contain one or more pieces of letterhead, envelope and/or business cards.

S04 - Special Event Materials (invitations, cards, etc.)

Promotional and/or informational items, usually relating to a specific event/affair at a given location, date, time, etc.

S03 - Annual Report or Brochure

An annual report is a yearly communications piece, usually with financial data, intended primarily for stockholders or members as a statement or record of a company’s or organization’s annual performance or status. A brochure is a multiple page/panel piece (usually bound/folded) that advertises, presents and/or describes the advantages, capabilities, worth and/or reasons to buy a product or service

S05 - Publication Design

Layout and design of the interior and/or exterior of a magazine or book.

S05A Cover

Layout & design of the front exterior of a magazine or book

S05B –  Spread or Feature

One editorial spread or feature per entry. Not intended for submission of entire book or magazine.

S05C – Series

Two to four covers, spreads or features from issues within the same year. Please mark spreads to be judged.

S05D – Magazine Design

Entire magazine design from cover-to-cover.

S05E – Book Design

Entire book design from cover-to-cover


Direct Marketing

S06 - Direct Marketing

Anything that is created to be mailed via USPS or delivered via special courier (private, FedEx, etc.) with the purpose of eliciting, provoking or effecting a consumer reaction (response card, phone number to call, order form, sale/event dates, etc.). Category includes Specialty Marketing and Apparel.


print advertising


S07 - Magazine Advertising

Advertising created to appear in periodic (annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly etc.) publications.

 S07A – Single (Full Page or Less)

S07B  – Campaign

2-4 of the above


S08 - Newspaper Advertising

Advertising created to run in publications whose primary purpose is to inform the public about current events or issues on a daily or weekly schedule.

S08A – Single (Full Page or Less)

S08B – Campaign

2-4 of the above


out-of-home and ambient media


S09 - Poster

A single sheet, advertising or promotional piece intended for mounting and display for a product, service or event. Does not include point-of-purchase materials, nor any outdoor signage.

S09A – Single

S09B – Campaign

S10 - Outdoor and Transit Advertising

The outdoor display of advertising messages, notices or events, commonly associated with standardized wooden or metal structures, that are delivered to mass (outdoor) audiences on sidewalks, streets, roadways, etc.

S10A – Outdoor Board (Flat or 3D)

The outdoor display of advertising messages, notices or events, commonly associated with standardized wooden or metal structures, that are delivered to mass (outdoor) audiences on sidewalks, streets, roadways, etc.

S10B – Mass Transit (Interior or Exterior)

Advertising placed on the interior or exterior surface of any vehicle, including public transit, corporate vehicles etc. Bus wraps, and all other exterior vehicle signage, as well as bus shelter ads should be entered here.

S10C – Campaign

2 to 4 of the above


Ambient Media

S11 - Guerilla Marketing, Installations and Events

S11A – Single Occurrence or Installation

S11B – Campaign

2 to 4 of the above


online / interactive


S12 - Websites

S12 – Website (Desktop or Mobile)

Social Media

S13 - Social Media

S13A  – Single Platform

Creative execution of brand advertising, marketing and/or promotion on a single social media platform (Facebook, Twitter etc).

S13B – Multiple Platforms (Campaign)

Creative execution of brand advertising, marketing and/or promotion across multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc). Entry may include 2-4 executions.


S14 - Apps

Apps must advertise a product or service. Apps will be judged using the device for which they were created. So, to be eligible, the entry MUST include a no-cost, password-free method for accessing the app for the purpose of judging. In addition, a digital summary of 90 seconds or less which demonstrates the functionality and design of the app may be provided as part of the entry. This should be included in the entry as a digital (video) upload.

S14 – App (Mobile or Web-Based)

Advertising and Promotion

S15 - Advertising and Promotion

S15A – Web Banner Ads

Static or Animated web banner ads regardless of size

S15B – Takeovers

An ad that takes over the web page for several seconds

S15C – Campaign

2-4 of the above


film, video and sound

Radio Advertising

S16 - Radio Advertising

A local radio commercial is one that is broadcast on the station(s) of one market (no more than one “metro”). Radio commercials broadcast on stations in more than one “metro” (even if placed on only one station in each of two “metros”) do not qualify as “local.”

48A   Single Spot :30 seconds or less

48B   Single Spot more than :30 seconds

48C   Campaign

2-4 of the above (any length)

Television Advertising

S17 - Television Advertising

A single TV commercial that is broadcast on the station(s) of one market (no more than one DMA). TV commercials broadcast on stations in more than one DMA (even if placed on only one station in each of two DMAs) do not qualify as “local.” If no competition exists in a DMA, the District will direct entrants of correct entry procedure.

51A   Single Spot :15 or less

TV Commercial that consumes :15 seconds or less of airtime.

51B   Single Spot :30 seconds

TV Commercial that consumes between :16 and :30 seconds or airtime.

51C   Single Spot :60 seconds or more

TV commercials longer than :30 seconds should be entered here. Includes all TV “direct marketing” commercials that are longer than one minute, but does not include “Infomercials” which should be entered in the Branded Content and Entertainment For Television category #59.

51D   Campaign

2-4 Local TV Commercials


cross platform

Integrated Campaigns

Integrated Campaigns Defined

An integrated campaign is defined as a campaign or series of ads, commercials or executions that utilize more than one medium. The American Advertising Awards allows entries in all Integrated Campaign categories to submit up to ten executions for judging. Integrated Campaign entries may be accompanied by a written or digital (video) summary not to exceed 250 words (written) or 90 seconds (digital). Digital summaries must be submitted by uploading the video file during the online entry process.

Failure to adhere to these limitations may result in a portion or all of the offending entry to be removed from judging.

Integrated Advertising Campaign

S18 – B-to-B Campaign

S19 – Consumer Campaign

Integrated Brand Identity Campaign

S20 – Integrated Brand Identity Campaign


elements of advertising


S21 - Copywriting

Copywriting for any advertising medium.


S22 - Logo Design

An icon, symbol, or trademark designed to represent a product, service, or organization.  Entrant may submit a brief description of the client company and its purpose (max. 50 words) to help the judges understand the logo design objective.

S24 - Still Photography

S24A  Black & White, Single

S24B  Color, Single

S24C  Digitally Enhanced, Single

Photographic images whose content has been digitally altered to create a new image (often creating an image not possible using traditional photo techniques). Utilitarian photo retouching, color correcting or photo editing alone does not qualify an image for this category. A sample of the original photo(s) MUST be supplied for proper judging.

S24D  Campaign

2-4 of the above

S23 - Illustration

Flat, dimensional or animated illustration, any number of colors

S23A –  Illustration – Single

S23B –  Illustration – Campaign

2-4 of the above

S25 - Art Direction

Art direction for any advertising medium. Single execution or campaign.

Film, Video and Sound

S26 - Cinematography

Cinematography is defined as the art and process of creating motion picture images including considerations of lighting, photography, camera movement and angle. Cinematography for any motion picture project that qualifies as advertising may be considered eligible, regardless of the method of distribution.

S28 - Music Only

Any original musical score without  lyrics which was recorded primarily for use in any advertising. Does not include music intended for purchase including music in music videos.

S30 - Sound Design

Any combination of non-musical elements, sound effects, ambience and other sonic devices incorporated into a film or video presentation, television commercial or radio commercial to enhance the mood and/or message.

S27 - Animation or Special Effects

2D or 3D visual effects, regardless of the creative method for any motion picture project that qualifies as advertising may be considered eligible, regardless of the method of distribution.

S29 - Music with Lyrics

Any original music with sung or spoken lyrics, created/composed expressly for advertising. Syndicated materials, including “re-sing” jingles and library music, are not eligible for entry.


Digital Creative Technology

S31 - Digital Creative Technology

“This category recognizes achievement in the creative use of tools, features, technology and overall design of websites and apps in the areas of user navigation, responsive design, location technology, augmented reality and user experience.